iTunes for less

Deals at eBay and other stores on iTunes cards/certificates  

Do you know that iTunes downloads pricing is going to change?
        In April, 2009 songs on iTunes will be available at one of three price points —
        69 cents, 99 cents and $1.29.

Do you know that you can pay for iTunes downloads using
iTunes Gift Certificate, iTunes Cards, Content Codes?
        Yes, you can.
Read more about it if you are interested.

Do you know that you can pay less, discounted fee, for iTunes downloads?
        Yes, you can. You can simply buy iTunes Gift Certificate, iTunes Cards or Content Codes
        for less then card value.    For example, you can buy $100.00 value card at $70.00 - 30% off.
        It will bring your downloads cost to 48 cents, 69 cents and 90 cents.

Where to buy?
        It is up to you, where to buy and save on
music downloads from iTunes.
        I found few places and I can share them with you.
        The best deals I foud at
eBay, it has sales with even up to 30% off card value.
        Others you can find at
Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, Walgreens.
        But you have to buy card from the stores and your discounts are not going to be as grate as on eBay.
        Online I have discovered one site, which has iTunes coupons - 
Amazon is selling iTunes cards at more then card value.

Read more about
iTunes gift cards and decide where to buy.

         Good luck.